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 Priceline Bidding help

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  • Keep in mind the days of the week you want to book.

    Hotels in most cities offer their lowest rates and biggest discounts on weekends—Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday nights—and around holidays, except during special events.

    Because weekend rates are usually priced 25 - 50% off regular rates, do not base your bid on a Wednesday rate if you are actually arriving on Friday.

    Orlando, Las Vegas, and most resorts are exceptions: Sunday through Wednesday are cheapest in Vegas, Thursday higher, and Friday and especially Saturday nights most expensive. You can practically (well, almost) name any price at the best hotels in Las Vegas if you book for mid-week nights when there are no conventions in town.

  • Of course, hotels in resort areas give bigger discounts during off-seasons.
  • Once you authorize priceline to charge your credit card, your reservations become non-refundable and cannot be changed in any way, even by paying a penalty.

  • You can only rebid on a hotel range with the same particulars once every 72 hours.

    You can rebid immediately if you change the neighborhood, city, dates, or star category